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The construction sector is responsible for almost 40 % of annual energy-related greenhouse gas emissions globally. Cutting these emissions is a must to reach the 1.5 degree warming path. Construction materials make currently the second largest emission category when looking at life-cycle emissions of a building. Property investors see choosing low carbon construction solutions as a difficult task: there is a lack of clearly presented solutions as well as information on the emission reduction impact of different choices.

NCC Finland, Stora Enso, Ramboll and Combient Pure have joined their forces to help property developers and investors make data-based low carbon construction material choices and take down the industry's emissions. In this value chain wide collaboration we have focused on how massive wood as a main construction material can considerably reduce the lifecycle emissions of a building.

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See the Webinar on findings from industry leaders on how we can accelerate low carbon building. In the webinar NCC Finland, Stora Enso, Ramboll and Combient Pure will share their findings and emphasize the ever-increasing importance of collaborative working methods in the building sector.

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Transforming current ways of doing business is fundamental to cutting emissions substantially. Inter-organizational collaboration helps in knowledge-sharing, rapid product development, lowering the costs and risks of business development as well as finding synergies.

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