Stora Enso

We believe that everything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from wood tomorrow. Our materials are renewable, reusable and recyclable, and form the building blocks that can help transform our world for the better. The collaboration brings forward the emission reduction potential of wood as a low-carbon building material in the whole life cycle of a building.

When working together and optimizing the solutions as a value-chain wide team, we will achieve the best outcome.

In this collaboration we have gained a lot of credible and comparable data regarding CO2 emissions of a new building. We have also understood the needs and concerns of our customers more extensively. This collaboration has been a great opportunity for us to work across the value chain and share knowledge that accelerates the development of low carbon buildings.

At Stora Enso we want to take this to the next level in our concept development. With these learnings we will have a better view on how our products become buildings that can bring the most value to our customers.

Picture Credits: Stora Enso, The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. First public building in Finland constructed with CLT